May Gardening Tips


Memorial Day is the traditional time for planting tender annuals such as Snapdragons, Marigolds, Salvia, and Dusty Miller. In order to keep your annuals looking their best begin deadheading any dying blooms or leaves, this will prolong the overall bloom time of your annuals. May is also the perfect time to begin fertilizing annuals, and hanging baskets containing annuals. Here at Ladd's we recommend using Jack's Time Release fertilizer for your annuals.


May is the perfect time for planting all climate senstive vegetables such as Tomatoes, Peppers, and corn! Cold loving crops such as lettuce, kale, and broccoli love the cool weather of May which makes this month the overall best of vegetables! For continued vegetable success we recommend fertilizing your vegetables with Espoma Organic Garden Meal. 


Late spring is the recommened time for dividing spring and fall blooming perennials before they exceed 6 inches tall. The blooming period of many perenials can be extended by snipping off the flowers that have gone by. This delays seed production and keeps plants flower. To produce the best bloom possible we recommend fertilizing with Espoma Organic Flower-Tone.

Water Gardens

Begin fertilizing potted aquatic plants monthly with Pondtabbs. As the temperature the water reaches 60-65 degrees, start feeding your fish summer food. Add Pondzyme monthly to help break down pond sludge/ muck. To help combat algea, try adding Japanese Trapdoor snails, oxygenating plants, and floating plants for your pond.