June Gardening

Vegetable Plants

June is the perfect time to transplant your fruiting vegetables into the ground. These vegetables include tomatoes, peppers, and eggplant varieties. When fertilizing vegetables it is imperative that you read the recommendation doses carefully, and follow them accurately. Enjoy your June harvest!


 Herbs should be fertilized with Garden-Tone Organic Fertilizer (doses vary). Remove any dead branches and clean the leaves regularly. 


All annuals can now be planted in containers or in your garden! To increase overall bloom time deadhead all annuals regularly, and remove any dead branches. Annuals, like all plants, must be fertilized reguarly (doses vary) to be kept healthy and happy all summer long. 


Remeber that Perennials also benefit from deadheading (remvoing old blossoms). Deadheading certain varieties of perennials will result in reblooming and better plant growth. For Peonies, be sure to remove buds after the blooming to increase plant growth. Perennials that bloom in June are Coreopsis, Salvia, Veronica, Galardia, and Echinacea.




Early summer is the perfect time for planting shrubs! Several types of shrubs bloom in June including; MockOrange, Roses, Potentilla, and Mountain Laurel. For continued shrub sucsess fertilze regularly with Plant-Tone Organic Fertilizer. 


June is the month of the Dogwood! Dogwoods come in all shapes and sizes, but they all take our breath away in June with their beautiful blooms. To keep your trees neat throughout the summer, remove any shoots that pertrude from the trunk. If you have not fertilized your trees yet this season be sure to do so soon. A great aid in tree growth, we recommend using Winchester Garden's Fruit Tree Fertilizer Spikes.

Water Gardens

When the temperature outside remains consistantly 60*F or above it time to start feeding Koi and Goldfish with API Pond Fish Food. This variety of pond pellets not only provides your Koi with the proper nutrition they need, but also enhances their color and growth.  Algae production increases with the summer months, so it is important to fill your pond with aquatic plant life to combat excess nutrients. If Algae persists, we recommend using API Algaefix to eradicate the unwanted plant growth. Several aquatic plants bloom in June including; Iris, Moneywort, Chinese Lobelia, Cannas, Fine Cattails, and Hardy Water-Lillies!