July Gardening

Vegetale Plants

Be certain to water your vegetable plants regularly (morning/evening), esspecially during hot and humid days. To increase plant and fruit size, fertilize with Espoma Garden-Tone at the recommended dosage rate. 


During the month of July, begin pruning flowers off all basil varieties including "Spicy Globe basil" and "Lemon basil". This removing of the flower stalk induces the basil to become bushier, thus increasing leaf production for you to harvest. 


Continue to deadhead and remove any gone-by blossoms, and branches in the summer months. This action will become a catalyst to increase overall flower production. 


Several beautiful perennials are in blossom during July including, Coneflowers, Shasta Dasies, Lavender, and Salvia. These perennials may require deadheading to increase blossom production. Remember to remove any dead leaves from all perennials durng the summer months.