August Gardening


Continue to dead head flowers that have gone-by. You can do this by taking a pair of sharp scissors and cutting the flower until the next leaf. Annuals that will need to be deadheaded often are marigolds, petunias, salvia, celosia, and verbena. Some annuals may appear to look leggy during this time, in order to correct the direction of growth cut back stems to the desired length. The removing of these stems will result in new growth emerging vertically instead of out. 


Several Perennials bloom in the month of August! Some of these varieties include Delphinium, Bee Balm(Monarda), Shasta Daisies(leucanthemum), Coreopsis, Astilbe, and Sedums. You should fertilize all fall blooming plants such as Asters, and Mums for the last time during August. In order for you to get the most blooms out of your plants continue to deadhead perennials such as Dianthus, Salvia, and Shasta daisies.




August is the time to begin planting fall crops such as Lettuce, and Radishes! Other cole crops such as Broccoli, Cauliflower, and Cabbage should be transplanted for fall crops. Watch for any diseases in Tomato and Pepper plants.


Several shrubs bloom in August including White Spirea, Gardenia, Weigelia, and Endless Summer Hydrangeas! These shrubs attract wildlife to your yard and they are stunning to look at!