April Gardening

Vegetable Plants

Some garden vegetable plants can produce deep roots, often more than a foot down! The deeper you can work compost and manure into the garden soil, the happier your plants will be. 

" To forget how to dig the earth and tend the soil Is to forget ourselves"- Mahatma Gandhi 


Clean out any winter debris from herb gardens and remove any dead branches. When planting herbs add recommended dosage of Garden-Tone Organic Fertilizer. Over 30 herb varieties are now available at Ladd's!


Pansies and Violas can be planted now (beware of hard frost), and to add longevity to your blooms don't forget to deadhead. Deadheading is the act of removing blossoms that have faded, this is done by pinching just beyond the blossom. This removes the entire flower and allows another blossom to regenerate in its place. 


Perennials can be planted now, some of the earliest blooming ones are Heleborous, Iberis, Dianthus, Tiarella, and Columbine. April is also a good month for adding fertilizer to your perennials, at Ladd's we recommend Flower-Tone Organic Fertilizer. Remove dead stalks and leaves from last season's growth. 


Shrubs can be planted now! Some early blooming varieties are Forsythia, Cornell Pink Azalea, Andromeda, and pussy willows. April is a great season to begin fertilizing shrubs, here at Ladd's we recommend Plant-Tone Organic Fertilizer. Early blooming shrubs can be pruned, if needed, two weeks after they finished blooming. 


Ornamental and fruit trees can be planted anytime in April. When planting do not place soil above the original soil level, and be sure to press soil firmly in order to avoid air pockets. A great way to aid tree growth is to use Winchester Garden's Fruit Tree Fertilizer Spikes in spring and fall. The can be used for ornamentals as well. 

Water Gardens

Koi and Goldfish should be fed with API Cool Water Fish Food, but only if the temperature is consistently between 41-61 degrees Fahrenheit. If the temperature is below these temperatures refrain from feeding your fish until it is safe to do so.  To increase the amount of beneficial bacteria in your pond we recommend using A.B.A Aqua Bacta Aid. The live bacteria in this product controls organic waste in all water gardens and will make you pond healthier for your fish. To decrease the ammonia and nitrates naturally produced by fish we recommend using Microbe-Lift beneficial bacteria.