Annuals and Vegetables


Starting with pansies and violas in early Spring, and going well into the Summer, you will always find a great selection of annuals at Ladd's.  We carry traditional favorites like geraniums, begonias, marigolds, and impatiens, as well as many unusual varieties such as gomphrena, celosia, portulacca, and so much more.



  There are also specialty annuals including the Proven Winner series that are excellent choices for creating beautiful hangers, window boxes, and patio containers.

  We pride ourselves with offering our customers a wide variety of healthy, beautiful hanging baskets, the perfect accent for your porch or deck.


 Did you know that Ladd's Garden Center was once the home of the Windham Tomato Festival where there were over 100 different varities of tomatoes growing in one field?  Even though the Tomato Festival is a thing of the past, that love of varieties is still going strong.  We offer 20 different types of tomato starter plants, along with 15 varieties of peppers, plus cukes, eggplant, onions, cabbage, broccoli, lettuce, kale, squash and more.   We also carry strawberry plants, rhubard, and other edibles. We also sell various types of vegetable seeds.